Wasabi is digging....


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Infertiles as I have not bred her. She stopped eating on Thursday and started wandering around the bottom of the cage and checking out the laying bin. This always makes me nervous! :(

Wasabi is a female Veiled nearing a year old.
Awww, such a nerve wracking time! Hope she gets on just fine for you! My Amy is currently receptive so I suspect her second infertile clutch will be laid in the next few weeks! She has been down to her laying bin a few times this week since I put it back in for her. It's always such a relief when they are all done and back to normal.
I'm always a nervous wreck during egg laying. Bertha just laid on Tuesday and Joppa's working on laying but so far only dropped two in her plant. She might be going to see Dr. Alfonso if she doesn't get theses eggs out soon. I'll be praying that all goes well for Wasabi. At least she has a little age on her. The kids will be one on the 28th of this month. Keep us posted.
I have not woken her yet as it was a late night. She seems fine though, no prolapse, thank goodness, she is just really tired, as she should be.
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