Was worried, feeling better

Our new little baby veiled Cham Fern, hasn't been eating every day probably 3 or 4 crickets every other day while closing eyes good chunks of the day.

we are planning a vet check up this week, thankfully after dialing in her habit with mister , dripper, fan and new bulb (t5ho) and more sticks plants and perches, rocks to cover potting soil and after lifting her terrarium 2 ft off the ground as well

she ate 6 gut loaded and dusted crickets this afternoon after moving about her new digs then took a nap on her new favorite perch.

Overall her eyes were open and much more active today

We're feeling much better now, we will still follow up with the vet this week for wellness check but I'll rest a little easier hopefully she's on the right track now, her home is 70 her perch is 81 humidity around 60% 13 hrs of light with 8 hrs of basking bulb 58watt incandescent, misting 60 seconds 30 min before light and after powered down feeding with calcium on crickets gutloading with oranges bananas, apple and pineapples haven't weighed her yet, will get

Thanks for all the help, still waiting on pothos from the internet for more greenery


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Welcome to the forum!

She shouldn’t be closing her eyes during the day.

Did you get her to a good exotics vet yet?
hello im looking for a new vet the one we took her to that was recommended by pet co was not experienced ,I’m in the salem/Portland area(Oregon)
You need to change your gutload/feeding of the insects….too much fruit…should be mostly greens and veggies such as dandelion greens, kale, endive, collards, squash, sweet potato, sweet red pepper, zucchini, carrots, etc.

What supplements are you using specifically?

I don’t use basking lights for very young chameleons…does your chameleon sit under the basking light much?
I would remove the rope. And I’m not sure what that block like structure is, but in order to keep it as natural as possible, plants and sticks. Primarily with the diameter so that her foot can wrap all the way around. Ropes can tear claws and hide bacteria, neither of which a young chameleon needs to deal with.
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