Wants out of cage but..

So I've been letting Renly hang out on his free range for almost two months now and now he's decided that it doesn't interest him anymore. He'll try to climb out of his cage from the very moment he wakes up now and I'll keep him in there for an hour or two before I bring him out cause once I bring him out, he never wants to go back in. But now when I put him on his free range all he does is climb down it and makes it to the floor then waits for me to open the sliding glass door for him but then there's no place for him to go. It either the free range or his cage and he doesn't want either now.. Has anyone ever experience this? I've been searching for a nice big plant for my living room (I really want a pothos totem) but I have yet to find anything decent for him.

Also I've seen some forumers use mesh to cover a plant stand to make it easier for your cham to climb up and down, can anyone tell me what kind of mesh it is and where can I find it?

Thanks guys!
It could be that now he's established his territory he has decided to patrol it differently. Or, he has now decided just where he prefers to hang out at different times of day. The temps, light level, and humidity, proximity to food and water all play in to where he wants to spend time. Maybe something within his view has changed and makes him feel more vulnerable when he's out on the free range.
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