Wandering Jew plant??

Mr Wilson

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Hey everyone!! We were walking around a local nursery and came across a plant called a Wandering Jew. It's just gorgeous!! We googled it to see if it were on a safe plant list and one of the many lists we came across was on the FL Chams site, which I know has some flaws. Has anyone used this plant and is it actually a safe plant to use? We would love to be able to use it for our Melleri enclosure.

Safe and they grow like CRAZY!! Good to fill up a cage, you can trim them up a bit so they don't grow too big. They flower pretty and are pretty hard to kill which is a plus just don't put in under your basking light :) You can take cuts that you trim off and replant them. If you don't want to have to trim a plant I'd say don't get this one just because like I said these grow super bushy and long!! Oh, and I knew nothing about trimming mine I just started cutting away and it survived and still grew good!
Excellent!! Thanks for the speedy reply!! I cannot wait to use this in the enclosure!!! We have Pothos in our other enclosures and they're growing like crazy, too. But this is just too gorgeous with the purple leaves.
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