von hohnels!


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Hi all im all new to these lovley creatures. Ive seen a fuly grown von hohnel in my local reptile shop and fallen in love with him, even named him mr hohnel.
Any thing i should no or need to no about them b4 i go and get him?
thanx claire
there is a ton of things to know before you go out and purchase ANY chameleon. The most commonn species on this forum are Panthers and Veilds but I am sure there is someone on here who has experience with the Von hohnel. Please do your research BEFORE you bring him home. Have everything in place, then make your purchase. What did the pet store tell you to buy? Most often they give incorrect info on the husbandry of chameleons. Just the way it is...
Never heard of that species before? They appear to be pretty hardy based on the sites I looked at. They give birth to live young. So no need to worry aout a laying bin if you get a female.
clairetaz:welcome to this site:) on here you will find some excellent info,help and ideas! this is an amazing forum and i would suggest doing as much reading on here as you can,post as many questions as you need and you will get the help you are seeking,i cant offer any on that particular species as i have no experience with them but im sure someone else does:) a word of advice..dont listen to what the pet store tells you,most of them no nothing in regards to keeping chams lol..there is some very experienced people here who will give you the best advice:D have a wonderful day! ps.i need to learn to type faster as i see posts placed as i was typing heehee..slow fingers lol
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