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vivarium owners. Do cleanup bugs ever get out of the enclosure through the screen? My wife doesn’t want bugs getting out and I’m thinking a vivarium is the direction I want to go. Doing all my homework before getting a chameleon? Thanks
f you don't want them getting out, cover u the sides with glass or something, maybe try a tub that fits into the enclosure it all depends on the type of chameleon you get too and whether they are okay with bioactive or not. for instance veiled are notorious for eating substrate which causes impaction but panthers are perfectly fine.
I put my feeders in a cup, they usually eat them right away, except silkworms dammit!! if you have the time feed them in the morning, put feeders in a cup 3 to 4 inches tall underneath a great crawling stick or vine, and watch them eat, just to make sure, also make sure the cup is secure
Panthers are a great suit for bioactive! As long as the screen is fine enough around the substrate part and/or there’s a couple of inches from the top of the substrate bin to the screen, you should be fine! Are you planning to buy or build a cage?
Probably will buy. I’m looking at the hybrid option on dragon strand. Would love to build, but not sure how wood would hold up with misters.
All my reptiles are in bioactive setups using Exo Terra enclosures. I've never had a problem with springtails but have had a few escapes of the woodlice. I can only assume they escaped whilst the doors are open and I'm faffing about 'gardening' in there. But let's face it, the odd woodlouse won't do any harm.

It's those bloody crickets we find all over the house, no matter how careful we try to be! Not too often, but even that's too much.
How do you think it would work to find a curio cabinet and repurpose into a chameleon enclosure? I would replace side glass with screen, cut the top out and screen it and build a basin for the bottom. Maybe seal the inside wood with exterior paint or good water seal.
I think thats a great idea!! Curio cabinet or china cabine / display case, with shelf space below that could be used to house the supplies
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