For babies i recommend stick tongue farms indoor.

For adults i recommend sticky tongue farms outdoor, with Rep Cal ultra fine calcium with D3 for the high dose d3 twice a month.

For vitamins i feed the food sticky tongue farms vit all.
For powdering food i use Rep Cal Herptavite on the weeks im not doing the d3 dose.

You can also switch up the brands and use Repashy products, all 3 brands are high rated.

For a schedule:
-Babies get STF indoor one feeding a day, and herpavite 2 mondays a month.

-adults get STF outdoor (or other non d3 calcium) every feeding. 2 mondays a month they get calcium with d3 (not STF indoor, its a very low dose d3), 2 mondays a month they get herpavite.
I've been using all Sticky Tongue Farms. Miner-all outdoor (without d3) indoor (with) and Vit-all.
Added to the shopping list:

Reptivite with D3
Plain Calcium (without D3)

Thanks for the suggestions everybody! :D:D
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