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Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by haydenm14, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. haydenm14

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    hey everyone, so I have my enclosure ready and have done a test run with it. All of it checks out but now I have one last thing that I’m uneducated on, supplements and vitamins. Can someone give me a basic schedule for what they do during the week with feeding.

    Hayden McLellan
  2. NickTide

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    Another member just asked the same question titled "Good Dusting Scedule" so check that one out as well. Here is my cut and paste from that one...

    I dust every day unless feeding calci worms. Weekdays I use calcium without D3. On Saturdays (or Sunday) I alternate between calcium with D3 and Reptivite with D3. So my Chams get D3 once a week from calcium powder OR Reptivite. Never both. I also keep 3 deli containers near the chams. One says "without" one says "with D3" one says "Reptivite." I use these to dust the bugs and I write the date on the "with D3" or the "Reptivite" with a sharpie when I use that product because I WILL forget which I used last week otherwise.

    From what I read, the calcium dust only needs to be light because they will excrete the majority since they don't need that much at a time... just need it often. Maybe somebody can clarify if I am doing this right.
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  3. Tattersb

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    What species chameleon?
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  4. DarinD

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    Each species has different needs and tolerances for supplementation.
  5. Syreptyon

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    Looking back at your previous posts, I'm going to assume this question is regarding your future panther chameleon (if it isn't, then ignore me haha). This is my supplement schedule, which is similar to what a lot of the forum members around here use: dust every day with a phosphorous-free calcium powder without vitamin D3, dust twice monthly with a phosphorous-free calcium powder with vitamin D3, and also dust twice monthly with a multivitamin.

    Do you have pictures of your enclosure now that it's all prepared? We'd love to see!
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  6. haydenm14

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    so yes it will be a panther. Is calcium with D3 4 times a month too much? And I will post a picture of my enclosure below. But I’m waiting on getting a small umbrella tree for it so 99% ready haha.

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  7. Syreptyon

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    4 times a month with D3 sounds like too much to me. At best it is unnecessary, at worst it is excessive and may cause problems (doubtful, though). I would stick to every other week.

    Does that enclosure have ventilation? Is it only accessible through the top?
  8. haydenm14

    haydenm14 Member

    alright so I’ll note to do it only 2 times a month. The enclosure has screen sides on the shorter sides of it that aren’t visible in that picture.
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  9. Syreptyon

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    Is the top screen, too? It might just be the pictures, but it looks possibly glass to me. Just in case it is, remember that UVB can't penetrate glass so the light would not be effective through it
  10. haydenm14

    haydenm14 Member

    not trying to be mean at all but I’m pretty sure they don’t make glass top enclosures lol but yes it is screen
  11. Syreptyon

    Syreptyon Chameleon Enthusiast

    "Not to be mean," but you're wrong. You would be surprised... Some people just tip aquariums/terrariums on their side, such that what's meant to be the side of the tank becomes the top. Or, just use a straight up glass topped aquarium meant for fish (which your setup could easily be mistaken for from this angle). Just looking out for your cham, mate.
  12. haydenm14

    haydenm14 Member

    i know what you're talking about man but i'm not that new to reptiles haha. alright so my finished dietary supplement plan is
    =monday-friday calcium without D3
    =saturday Treat day(horned worms, silk worms, etc.) without dusting
    =sunday Calcium with D3 or reptivite with D3
    -alternate every week

    look good to everyone?
  13. leedragon

    leedragon Avid Member

    check the care set for panters here. you will find how often D3 should be given

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