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Im getting closer to having my new cages up and ready to go. I see alot of you all dont care for fake tell me, besides the plant in the center and possibly having a couple pieces of driftwood and ivy growing in the enclosure...............what kind of climbing and pathway materials shoudl I use?

I want realistic looking and nice cages. If Im going to keep an animal caged it might as well be happy.
Bamboo can be great, make sure it isnt stained, you can get some from home depot for 97 cents! ask for the 5 foot poles in the gardening department.
Ive seen some stuff in pics that looks like twirling bamboo or vine that had hardened into "wood" instead of being pliable.

Anyone know what that stuff is? I could easily get my family in georgia to send me some vine if I knew they had the right stuff.

Thanks for the tips so far!

I planned on pothos or ficus for the main potted plant in the center and to grow some ivy up three sides of the cage.
bend-a-vine at PetSmart or any other pet store works really well for creating super highways :D My Bubba does the marathon run everyday, doing laps around the cage on his ben-a-vine highway! I just used zip ties to anchor it down in various places around the cage.
Crappy picture, I know. This is the cage I am working on completing for my veiled.

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I am going to add one more good sized branch in there and some way smaller real ones. I still am going to use the fake vines. Something like this can save some money and looks pretty good when your done. It gives you multiple anchor points for the vines so you do not eat up all the length going from side to side each time.

I took a whole bunch of branches and cut them up. Drilling holes and using zip ties to secure them to the sides and the other branches. This is a reptarium but I am pretty sure you could use the same technique with a screen type cage too. These branches are very sturdy and with the reptarium framing being a little flimsy it reenforced now it is sturdy too.
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