Vield Chams Eat Fruit???


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Since when does chams eat fruits and veggies and if so when are they able to eat these??? Cant they choke??


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my Stanley loves strawberries, i cut them into slivers and he very gently takes and eats them... i cant actually remember but i think he started taking them at about 1.5 years of age.. i've just started introducing strips of carrots and cucumber to him....
trying to post a pic, but having issues....
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Stanley is so cute :eek:

My girl enjoys all sorts of fruit and veg! She loves the strawberry like stanley does and will also eat apple, sweet potato, bell pepper, rocket, romaine, raspberries and blueberries too! Everything needs chopped or cut into slices and the sweet potato needs to be steamed.


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Since when? Veiled have been eating greens as par tof their diet for many thousands of years :D

And they chew everything they eat, so it's unlikely that they'll choke on anything edible they decide to eat. You just have to provide appropriately sized feeders and fruit slices.
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