Vield Chamemlon not eating

tony hallinan

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Hi Everyone
i have a 1 year old male vield chameleon who,s not eating!
when we first got him 1 month ago he was eating like a horse
but over the past week not at all!
i,ve checked the temp which is perfect !27 c and 30 hot spot
he was eating mill worms and then we tried him with crickets
but he was,nt interested in them !
anybody have any ideas?

cheers Tony!


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Hi how often and how many feeders ?
My Veiled is just over a year and eats like a pig, his problem is he only eats locusts, he wont even look at a cricket, perhaps you should try a few of those.


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Mealworms are not a great feeder to feed all the time, morio worms are better but should make up no more than 20% of the diet.

Chameleons easily get bored of one feeder and stop eating. usually giving a good variety of feeders stops this. Mine get at least four different feeders a week.

Usually no offering any food for about three days and then offering the food you want them to eat gets them eating.

Good foods that can take up a large proportion of the diet are well gutloaded crickets, locust, silkworms and roaches and of course dusted with the correct supplements.

Treats can include butterworms, waxworms, morioworms, fruit beetle grubs and also flies hatched from maggots you can get from the fishing tackle shop.


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No, that is a myth about the morios doing damage to the chameleon's stomach if you do not crush their heads. He is probably just tired of the same old food. They will do this from time to time.
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