Chameleon Info:
So my chameleon is a male panther chameleon, he is about 6 months old. I have only had him for a day. I don't plan on handling him a ton unless he seems to want to climb out, right now he is still learning that people are safe. Once I get to know him better, I will determine if handling him causes him too much stress or not. He is currently eating crickets dusted with calcium, once I am out of crickets im switching to roaches or super worms. The crickets are being gut-loaded with carrots and kale. I am getting horned worms soon to give to him once per week as a special snack. He eats in the morning before I head off to work (varies anytime between 6:30am till 7:30am. I mist the enclosure about 3-4 times per day. On the days I work 12hr shifts at work (Monday and Wednesday) I mist only twice, but I spray double the amount I normally would. His poop looks normal, brown with white on the end. I keep him in a screen cage, im not sure the size but I would say its a medium sized one (taller than wider). I think his light is a ZooMed but I didn't purchase it, once the bulbs die I am going to switch to one UVB and one heat light. At night I use a ceramic heat lamp with NO LIGHT to keep him warm since I live in Pennsylvania and it is super cold right now. The day lights are on for 12 hrs, usually from 7:30am until 7:30 pm. I got a ZooMed temperature and humidity gauge but I don't think its accurate. The basking temp at the top is around 80 degrees, the floor I would say is around 70 degrees, and the lowest temp at night is 60 degrees. The plants are fake, I want to switch to real ones when I upgrade the cage. The cage is in my basement, there are no fans nearby. Its a super low traffic area and I have cats and dogs.

Vet info!
So I am bringing my chameleon to a local veterinarian to check his overall health and fecal. The office visit itself is $150 so I wanna make sure I get all bases covered during that visit. What should I ask? What should I have done? What type of method do you guys use to bring your chameleons to the vet (by this I mean do you carry them or put them in a cage)? I wanna know everything and anything I should ask the vet to look at when I am there. $150 is not cheap! But she has been working with exotics for 30years and went to UPenn for her vet degree.

ps: I know this is a health forum but if there is any suggestions for improvement for my chameleons well-being please let me know!



First off your cham looks fantastic and in great health. Great job. Tell us more details about your supplements regiment. Multivitimins? D3 or not? How often? Can you post a photo of your entire enclosure?

I would have the fecal matter tested for parasites. Any odd behavior or physical features should be discussed. Other member should be able to give better advice on this though.


First off, $150 is a lot o_O. What is included? What specific chameleon experience do they have.

I think every thing normally done for an annual check is included. So that includes the fecal, general exam, Q+A, etc.. When I spoke to the receptionist she said that the Doctor really wants to take time to get to know you and your pet. She has been seeing exotics for 30+ years but im not sure her background specifically on chameleons. I know the girl on the phone said she brings her bearded dragon to her and loves her (but she might be biased). It sucks because I actually work at a vet as a veterinary assisstant but my boss knows nothing about chameleons.
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