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It is not uncommon for chameleon owners to need the services of a qualified veterinarian. In fact, I encourage people to find one before they even purchase their first chameleon. Chameleons are very unique and delicate animals. By the time signs of poor health begin to show, the chameleon is sometimes already in the later stages of their illness. It is important not to put off a trip to the vet if your chameleon is showing signs of bad health.

There are probably many veterinarians in your area, but I stress the importance of finding one that has experience with chameleons. Veterinarians learn about many different animals throughout their education. Unfortunately, they have to graduate one day and thus do not get a chance to learn the specifics of every animal on our beautiful earth. Your average vet probably has limited reptile experience and very little to no chameleon experience. They can perform basic tests like they would on any other reptile (blood, fecal, xray), but they might not know the best course of action to take once a problem is found.

How do I find a vet with chameleon experience? I recommend looking in your phone book for vets that advertise reptile care or checking out the internet links below. Make a few calls or send out some emails. It is possible a member from the forums lives nearby and has a recommendation. If you know a breeder in your area, they might be able to point you towards the vet they use. If you can not find a vet with direct chameleon experience, go to one who deals with reptiles or exotics frequently. Finally, if you find a vet that seems very knowledgeable about chameleons, please let us know.

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