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Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Reptilelover47, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    15 moth old Male Panther Chameleon: Spectrum

    So, Spectrum falls in his cage sometimes, he's just a bit clumsy I guess. The cage is 4ft tall he usually falls from about 3.5 ft. He's always perfectly fine every time, although it freaks me out and I check him each time he falls.

    Yesterday, he fell and he landed with his belly on the edge of the substrate tray at the bottom. Think of it as if you landed with your stomach on a fence. I picked him up and he seemed fine, he grabbed a branch and climbed away. Today I noticed he has barely moved all day, he's been hanging around the same area of the cage, and for the past few hours he's been in one spot in the same position. It is getting late so, he could just be tired, but he's usually very active. So, when I noticed he's just been sitting there I went over to make sure he was okay and I noticed that it looks like there's a lil bulge on his stomach, and I'm worried that maybe he broke a rib or something. It feels like it's something hard. How do I know that he's okay or not okay? I'd know if he was sick, but I have no idea if something is broken. I don't want to bring him to the vet and get an Xray if nothing's wrong, aside from the fact that it would be extremely pricey, he gets very stressed from vet visits since they usually drain his cyst for me when we're there (genetic mutation) and I wouldn't want that radiation if it's not necessary. I'll probably wind up going just to be safe, but if anyone could give me some advice that would be great. Thank you.

    He's also puffed out, like when they shape themselves like a leaf, but he almost never does that, he won't even puff out in front of a mirror, and his chin isn't puffed, just his stomach. He just went to his usual spot to fall asleep (not far from where he was), and he is falling asleep with a puffed out look. He also wasn't interested in eating today.

    I'm also concerned because I have work in the morning and don't know when the reptile vet will even be in.

    from these pictures you can see his shape doesn't look normal, does it??

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  2. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    Sorry if I sound crazy at all, I'm just freakin' out right now. I love my lil guy.

    Also, if a cham breaks a bone… what would be done?
    Does anyone know how much an X-ray would cost?
  3. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    IMHO its not all that likely that he broke anything from such a short fall. It's possible he bruised himself (inside, not the skin) so he's a little sore at the moment. I think I'd just watch his behavior over the next day or so. If he does not move around to drink or eat, maybe a vet visit is called for. I have no idea what a cham xray would cost but probably varies by vet practice.
  4. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    OMG, thank you for replying! lol. You definitely just got me to chill a lil. That's what I though with the short fall, because I know they fall all of the time and must fall a lot in the wild from higher points. I'm mainly scared because he landed the way he did. I think I'll do that, I just hate to think that he's in pain. :( It is hard to check how he's doing right now since he's very grumpy at this time and trying to sleep, but tomorrow maybe I can get him out of the cage and see how he acts and hopefully he'll eat.
  5. Big Gulp

    Big Gulp Established Member

    Quick observation. The wire he's hanging from...that's a pretty slick surface. Could that be a cause of some of his falls?
  6. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    Honestly, no. Whenever he falls it's from a leaf/stem, or thick rough branch. He always just steps wrong. He sleeps on that wire almost every night, he has never fallen from it. It's there because it holds up a hanging pothos pot.
    I appreciate the fact that you care enough to call someone out on something that concerns you, but he holds on to it perfectly fine. It does look slick, but those wires aren't as slick as you'd think and I think he can grasp it well because it's so thin. He seems to have a hard time with branches when they're thicker since he can't fully wrap his feet around them.
  7. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    Part of the problem could be that his feet haven't shed completely. It might make it hard for him to hold on. I would try a lot of misting and if needed, a q-tip with some baby oil and try very gently to help loosen the skin up. It might take a couple times but it is necessary for your cham to get the shed off his feet. I forgot to ask, how long has the shed been there? He might be fine it he shed very recently.
  8. melble68

    melble68 Established Member

    I'm glad I read everyone's replies. I saw the small wire, and the lack of foot shed. Can you take a pic of the entire enclosure and post it? I wouldn't imagine he should be falling so often. Maybe he's having a grip issue w/ not having a variance in different size of vines he's climbing on. Not sure, just something that came to mind. The dry "non-shed" could also be having an effect on his grip.
  9. TreyLcham

    TreyLcham Member

    Could he be falling from the leaf cause his nails are a little short from probably climbing on side of cage and breaking them? Just wondering cause mine couldnt grip well till his nails grew back cause he decided he wanted to scratch his cage about 3months ago? just an observation though :)
  10. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    He falls probably 2-3 times a month, def. not good, but honestly, he's just a lil clumsy. He almost always catches himself on a branch. He expects me to help him get places sometimes, he'll use my hand as a bridge or expect me to move him around, so a bit lazy too. He won't even go far from his food when he shoots his tongue. Also, he was sick last summer and had eye problems, he could not see at all. He's very healthy now, but that's when the clumsiness and laziness started and it just never fully stopped. There is definitely a huge variety of climbing things around his enclosure. I'll post a pic in a lil while so you can see. Not home at the moment.

    I noticed his nails are short so, I agree it's part of the falling problem. Some times he does scrape his feet on the screen trying to get from one branch to another. I'm planning to attach a plastic fence with zip ties to the screen so he can climb it easier if he tries to.

    The shed was there for a day or so, gone now. It usually doesn't stick around long, he usually rubs it off, and if it's there for a while the trick I use is calcium powder, but thank you for the tip… I'll probably try it.

    Thank you everyone for the concern, he seems better today, he ate, and moved around a lil more than yesterday, I think he probably was just sore. Just freaked me out.
  11. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    Cage pictures. I don't know why they always show up sideways, sorry. He likes to sleep in the pot sometimes, it has soil, but no plant currently.

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  12. Djturna4thakidz

    Djturna4thakidz Established Member

    One of the reasons he may be falling is that you need more horizontal branches and more foliage.
  13. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    He likes the foliage how it is and he knows many ways around the cage, that is not a problem. Every cham is different. He likes to be able to sit in an open spot and bask in the sun (he's next to a window). If I needed more foliage he'd be hiding in it all day. I do have pothos growing in the cage now and expect them to grow throughout the cage creating a lil more cover and more vines to climb. I want it to fill in some of the space in the back area so he has more to climb, but he seems to prefer the open spots. He definitely likes to see what's going on around the room. Like I said earlier I agree with TreyLCham, I really think it's because he breaks his nails a lot. In fact, he actually falls a lot from places with more foliage, I literally have never seen him fall from an open spot. I think he has a harder time maneuvering in the foliage. He's odd. lol

    I don't mean to be rude, I'll probably take the advice on the horizontal branch just because it would make things easier for him, but please don't tell me what I NEED to do or what I am doing "wrong." Everyone does things differently and every cham is a lil different. I take excellent care of him, and would do anything I needed to keep him happy and healthy. I always read up on new finds and the different ways that people successfully care for them. I had more foliage in the past and he really didn't like it. He always preferred to be in the open. Partly so he could jump on me when I would open the cage. lol. He is very friendly and playful. Right now, he is sitting in the most open part of the cage watching what I am doing. I know him very well, when he wants to play, is hungry, everything. He is very happy. I bring him around town when it's warm enough. He gets so bright and happy when I bring him to my work on my days off. He really loves meeting people. He only is stressed out by vet visits. BTW, when he wants to come out and play and he sees me not far from the cage he will literally scratch the cage trying to get my attention. I promise you the nails are the problem. But, Thank you for the suggestions. I will always take any advice into consideration.

    I have to thank everyone for making me realize it is probably just that he was sore, which you were right, because he's fine now.
  14. Djturna4thakidz

    Djturna4thakidz Established Member

    This is a forum where people try to help each other better their husbandry of chameleons. If you post on here you will get many views from many different people, we are all trying to help. Take a deep breath and relax. One of the main reasons they loose their nails is from climbing on the screen. This usually only because a problem when ther
  15. Djturna4thakidz

    Djturna4thakidz Established Member

    Sorry continued on from last post. A problem when their cage is not up to optimal standards. The enclosure you posted is not what I would call optimal. Not trying to be rude either, I have just seen thousands of setup a over the years and I am trying to help. You may think you know what your cham wants, but they mostly want a temp gradient, and places to hide. Even though he may sit in the open, they also want foliage. The clawing at the door can be a sign that they do not want to be in their cage and want out. If you would like to PM me I can show you some good examples of how to attach and arrange horizontal branches. Good luck
  16. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    I know, I really wasn't trying to offend you and am not mad I was just beginning to get annoyed with some of the unnecessary comments from people, I just felt a lil bullied and I also wanted to put your concern to rest. Sorry, if I seem like a b**** or offended you. But being that everything is in writing on here, it'd b good to watch your wording. Thank you for being understanding I feel a lil jerky cuz I realize mine was more rude and I assumed. Sorry.

    But I don't get what isn't optimal. He actually finds plenty of places to hide out when he wants them, there is a mister that goes off for 2 minutes every 2 hours during the day, he has a mixture of real and fake plants of many different variances, the cage is more than 4ft by 2ft by 2ft, it has an automatic draining system, and I have springtails in the soil to help keep it clean. He has an excellent temp gradient, I have a digital thermometer/hygrometer in the cage so, that I can check how different areas are at different times of the day. Now the clawing at the cage only started recently, but nothing has changed and I can sincerely tell you that after even just a few minutes hanging outside the cage, he is eager to go back in and sometimes he does not want to come out. It's usually only when he sees me that he starts scratching at the door. lol. But, you'd probably say that it's because he knows I'm his out. But, then again, he doesn't do it if anyone else is near the cage, only me and I'm not the only one who takes him out. Again, just expressing how I feel about this… I just don't see what isn't optimal, could you help me out there? I won't take it wrong this time, I promise! LOL! Thank you! I know I made myself sound really stupid, I swear I'm not. :D
  17. Reptilelover47

    Reptilelover47 New Member

    Oh, and when I take him out he usually climbs up to my bed and then just hangs there. I have a tree for him in the house for when he comes out, he doesn't love being on it. He usually climbs it if I put him on it and then uses it to go right back into his cage. He is definitely more interested in walking around my bed climbing pillow and people than a tree with lots of leaves. lol
  18. Djturna4thakidz

    Djturna4thakidz Established Member

    No offense taken. Everything is cool
  19. Djturna4thakidz

    Djturna4thakidz Established Member

    I looked at you enclosure again and it looks pretty good. I would just add some branches that go from one side to the other. You have a lot of vertical vines, but nothing spanning the cage from side to side. I usually thumbtack the branch through the screen from the outside. Use two thumbtacks per branch so it doesnt roll when your cham is on it. I have also supported the branches with fishing line from the top.

    I would also remove the bark or substrate off the floor of the enclosure it can cause health risks.

    everything else looks pretty good to me!

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