VERY friendly jackon's chameleon


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I just got a new chameleon yesterday after falling in love with her in the store. She was climbing at the glass in the tank at the store and all the employees kept talking about how much she likes to come out of the tank and be held.
After setting her up in her new home, she seemed to be doing very well. She explored her tank, and ate 3 crickets. I'm a new chameleon owner, so while doing my research i kept reading that chameleon's don't like to be handled and that you shouldn't handle them often at all. But all she wants to do is come out of the tank. She even fell asleep with me and my boyfriend for about 2 hours. Is this behavior normal or ok? Thanks a lot for you help!
^This was her in the store


^After we brought her home




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She sure looks healthy, but is she is sleeping during the day, that is a bad sign.
If it's late afternoon, evening, then that's okay.
Some chams really are friendly and make good pets.

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She looks very pretty! My almost 2 year old male Jax is also very friendly! You say you keepher in a 'tank' - Jacksons need a good airflow and are best kept in screen/mesh cages. Here's a care sheet link for you to take a look at -

Also, what we interpret as 'friendly' (where a chameleon want to be let out all the time) can often be because they are unhappy with something in their cage - if she has been kept in a glass terrarium, then chances are this is why she is wantign to come out all the time. Yes, there are exceptions and you get the occasional chameleon that does seem to enjoy human contact, and Jacksons do tend to be more laid back and easy going.

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Welcome to the forums :D congrats on your new little girl. She is so very cute :) do read the care sheet, it has great info on keeping your little girl healthy. As was stated, friendly is great, but sleeping in the day is not - just keep an eye on her, but she sure looks to be the pic of health :)


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Aw thanks so much everyone! I will be sure to read the care sheet :)
It was night-time when she was sleeping, the picture was taken with flash so it makes it look light out :) I'm so happy she looks healthy.


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I have a female jax too and she has the same red stripes that go down both sides of the body. Very pretty Cham!
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