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Anyone ever wonder how veiled chameleons adapted their veils? I have a veiled. I'm not sure what the purpose of it is though. What about a Jackson's horns? Are they for protection? I've always been curious. :D


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ive wondered myself.. my guess its for intimidation and attraction.. like a peacock..big pretty tail feathers tell other males im the baddest..move out of my space and tell the females hey pick far as colors go i think its that and maybe like a false play lke a king snake thats banded to look like a coral snake... usually bright colors means danger to predators.IMO
I would speculate that because casques have fat pads and veileds can live areas where food is not as easily found that they use it to store fat. They may as well use it to allow water to cascade down to the dip between their eyes, down to their nose- making it easy to get clean water.
It's more than likely used to attract a mate as well.
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