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Who has the nicest bloodlines for high yellow/sun burst veils now a days? I'm looking to for a quality male not worried about the price...
Yeah I was looking at Fl chams line earlier very nice colors. Thanks for to tikitiki link those are more of what I'm looking for.
What is the general demeanor of a Veiled? I have the impression that they are a pretty hands off, grouchy Cham.

Exceptions like Lauries aside.

In relation to Panthers?
My veiled was a lot meaner than my panther. My veiled used to head Bob and hiss at me. My panther tilts his head and says wasssssup dawwwwwwg
My female veiled was very angry until she reached adulthood. Now she is my friendliest of 5 chams. Has anyone seen this happen? One day she just crawled out onto my hand and now I have to be careful when I open her door that she doesnt climb out.
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