Veileds and tortoises??


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Has anyone got these two in the same viv?? My local petshop has them in the same viv and the cham eats the veg for the tortoise so was just wondering.....

Although in their natural habitats chameleons surely encounter many different animals on a daily basis, when kept in captivity it is considered a bad idea for these animals to cohabitate with any species including their own.

Don't beleive everything that the petshop tells you. They usually hire idiots that probably never owned a pet in their life. I was at petsmart the other day and asked if they sold mealworms. The store worker told me no but they do have wax mealworms:confused: He brought them out to show me and they turned out to just be wax worms. I gave him the," Do you take me for an idiot" stare. Then walked out as I rolled my eyes.
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