Veiled sex?!?


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I have this young veiled. I'm not sure how old bt the salesperson at petsmart said it's a one month old MALE. It looks to me to be a female. Could you pleases help identify.


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Looks female to me. NO tarsal spurs there.

I would return it if you do not want to deal with egg laying.

And I'm not sure if it's the same with veileds, but on panthers and other chameleons..

The base of the tail behind the vent is usually a straight line from the stomach. In this case there is a depression there, where the base of the tail is way skinnier than the body which screams "female" (Olimpia's blog helps with that).


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well not to happy about that news. I guess we will have to learn the egg laying process. We have become pretty attached to it so returning it's not an option.
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