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Ok so i am looking at getting my first chameleon and i have been reading alot on this site.Me and the wife have decided on a veiled.Hear is what i am looking at for a set up to start.
18x18x36 all screen cage.
Florecent light with a reptisun or repti glo 5.0 uvb bulb
Zoo med procelain lamp with a 40 to 60 watt bulb for basking.
Hand misting for now but plan on getting an automatic mister.
Misc plants and branches ( will try to get live but it is winter hear ).
Misc supplements for the food.
And i will also include a dripper for water.

Now a few questions.

For the basking bulb is it better to get just a standard bulb for hear or a regular reptile heat bulb.

And also what is the humidity in there cage supposed to be at?

And would a Zoo Med Reptile Fogger Terrarium Humidifier be useful.Says it controls humidity.
Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can just use a regular old housebulb, cheaper and does the same trick! Also, you are getting the three supplements, right? The supplements are not for the food, but to dust your feeders with. Humidity would be good if you could keep it around 50-60% with spikes after misting. I know if you live in a cold climate it is hard sometimes to do so a humidifier can help with that.
Yes the three supplements are to put on the crickets or the meal worms.
rep cal without d3 - most feedings
rep cal with d3 - 2 to 3 times a month
herptivite - 2 to 3 times a month.

And i just picked up a humidifier today for the house.It wont be too far from the cage.

Also what is better to try and get a female or male.I have heard the males tend to be a little meaner when they are full grown but you half to deal with eggs with the females right.
Aggression really does not have anything to do with gender. It is luck of the draw so to speak on the chamleons demeanor. I would stick with a male. Just my opinion of course.There is alot of issues to deal with egg laying, including the cham getting egg bound possibly, providing spot for egg laying etc.. I mean it is really your call.
You can still get some live plants, check at your local nursery or even walmart ad home depot. I went to walmart the other day and picked up a nice size jade plant for 10$ I also picked up an umbrella plant and a ficus tree at home depot for 10$ but that was in september they may still have some though.
I have 3 veileds (2 females and a male)- the male is very friendly- the females??? not so much:rolleyes: lol One screeches if you reach for her the other goes to lunge at you.... I have heard that females are nastier on average.. although the older female will take worms from your hand- just heaven forbid you try to pick her up . Now, my panthers are a totally dif story- they are all wonderful!!!!:D
Cool.Well i think a male would be easier then.How do you tell a male from a female on a young veiled.Also what are you opinions on the fogger set up. Would it work or not.
males have spurs on the back of their feet(bumps at the back feet) an females do not....the humidifer can work, but as long the temps are within range an you mist him 3-5 x a dy for 5 minutes or so,plus a dripper and LIVE plants you really dont have to worry about humidity, just temps, eating, drinking, pooping normally, and once with time, see his normal behavior.....

trust me for a few weeks, your new cham will replace your TV:):p
Now with the standard household bulb are the new smart bulbs that are coiled ok.Because i was told coiled bulbs are bad but they no longer make the regular old style bulb.Or should i get a halogen type bulb.
I don't use the new coiled bulbs...they don't produce enough heat and I worry about them bothering the chameleons' eyes. Luckily they still make the old bulbs here.
Well i got three different bulbs and this is what i am getting for temps in the basking area.Regular 60 watt bulb is 90 degrees when on top of the gage and 80 when clipped above the cage.Tryed a 45 watt indoor flood bulb and got the same thing as the house bulb.Got a 75 watt flood bulb and got just over 90 when on top of the cage and 82 when clipped above the gage.Should i keep the 75 flood and leave it clipped above the cage or should i try to find a regular 40 watt bulb and get the light back on top of the cage
I also noticed that when i turn on the basking light and the reptisun 5.0 light the humidity drops from 55 to about 25 to 30.Is this normal.I got 2 live plants in there that i combined into one pot but i am not misting or dripping yet either.And i do plan o wrapping part of the cage in a shower curtain and putting a humidifier next to the cage.Also my night time temp is about 66 to 68 degrees in the cage.Is this ok too.Thanks!
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