Veiled or Panther Cham

Hi all. I want to get a chameleon, but I was having a hard time deciding if I should get a veiled or a panther cham. I know that veiled are less expensive and easier to care for, but can have a temper and are less colorful. I know panthers are more colorful and have a very good temperament, but are much more expensive. So which is better for me? Thanks for the help!


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I really hate when ppl say veileds aren’t colorful. Male and females veiled both colorful and beautiful CFDD3FCE-F932-4ED5-AE6C-1FEE247A6D40.jpeg24400ADF-DBB8-43C5-9CD3-F2E7CD1EE92F.gif

That being said it’s all what your into. I love veileds because they are jerks, they definitely aren’t shy


I wanted a veiled originally, but after visiting a breeder, I saw that his panthers were a lot more social than his veileds, so I went for a panther, and I don't regret it. As for colours, panthers do come in a wider range of colours, however, veileds are by no means boring in colour.


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I do not think one over the other is easier to care for. I think it depends largely on what you are able to provide honestly. The only huge difference between the two species husbandry wise is humidity requirements. Veileds need a 30-40% daytime range maxing out at 50%. While Panthers need a 50-70% range while also being careful not to overmist with basking lamps which then in turn can create an environment for them to develop an RI. So say you live in a really dry area like AZ then a Veiled is going to be easier to maintain lower humidity requirements then a panther. I am not saying that it cant be done for a panther but it does require extra equipment and expense. I happen to live in a high humidity area and own a Veiled. This required me to buy a $250 dehumidifier to keep my humidity levels down below 45% during the day otherwise they naturally sit at 65%. I did notice my guy having a harder time prior to having the dehumidifier. So again it is all about what you prefer and what you can provide in my opinion.
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