Veiled only eats Superworms


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Waht to do? my 8 month old veiled will only eat Superworms. He ignores his crickets, silkworms, horned worms. At that he only seems to eat the superworms that are hand fed and won't eat anything left in a feeding cup?

He seems healthy although he is very shy. Any advice is appreciated.
assuming this is an otherwise healthy animal
just stop offering superworms. keep offering the other prey (possibly in a different type of bowl or free-ranged). eventually, he'll get hungry and will eat whatever is there.
One of my male panthers is the same way. I've heard of chams getting addicted to superworms and not wanting anything else. If you go ahead and gut load your supers with quality gutload your guy will still get the nutrients it needs. They have a high fat content and could cause health problem if fed long term though. Try Phoenix/reptiworms sometimes those will get them to switch up. Also if you let them pupate they turn into flies that every Cham goes crazy for.
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