veiled keeps hissin n opening his mouth .HELP!


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so i been noticing that my male is hissing pointing his head up opening his mouth sevral times i mist his entire tank n he has water . has this happened to anyone ? ive had him for @ 2yrs now and this is a first!

I would recommend filling out the "How to Ask For Help". This will help us better understand your current situation to provide better help.

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Are you spraying water in his mouth?
Have there been any changes to the way you water him or to the cage set-up or where the cage is in the room?
Does he only do it when you've watered him?
My veiled hisses and opens his mouth at me all the time when I mist him. I think he is just trying to show me he is boss. Sometimes he does it when I reach in to clean his cage as well. Then he goes and hides. He is just showing off for you. Be impressed, be very impressed. :D
opening his mouth, (hissing) and pointing up? listen closely, is he wheezing? my chameleon often will point her mouth up and open it when swallowing. your chameleon might have something caught in his throat.
wheezing (could be the possible hissing sound), saliva bubble at mouth, head pointing up, gaping, could be possible uri.

he is saying tank..this is just one of the downside to keeping in glass. if there is to much standing water causing to much constant high humidity for long periods of time....... this is why i dont believe just anyone can keep in glass. many disagree but glass has way to many downsides than positives or even equal aspects compared to screen cages. they are great for a few species but thats it.

better get this guy to the vet asap.
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