veiled is having mouth problems!!!

Hey everyone. Tonight i got home from my reptile expo, and i went to hand feed my veiled he is about 5 years old. He cant open his mouth all the way. In 15 years of working with chams ive never incounterd a problem like this. He only can open his mouth about 2 8ths of an inch. He has all is proper supplements as all my chams so i dont belive it is mouth rott. And i can see around his jaw and it looks clean. If you guys have any ideas please let me know thankyou. I have him soking in a inch of pedialyte mixed with water to help refresh him. Im realy worried about him:(
I am so sorry to hear that your little man is having problems. I hope you have a really good Cham vet with some good x-ray machines. When I finally took Luie to the specialist he did x-rays with the dental x-ray machine and a biopsy on the bump on his chin. That's how he found out that Luie had a bone infection and several fractures one being his jaw and that's why he's having a problem opening his mouth and eating and one of his legs and that's why he's having a hard time getting around. He put Luie on an antibiotic and told me to continue with the Metacam for pain. He said it was really bad and that he might change the antibiotic when the biopsy results come back.

When the biopsy of the jaw came back, as expected, osteomyelitis (bone infection). The culture came with with NO anaerobic bacteria isolated, but several species of aerobic bacteria.* Of significance was the finding of Pseudomonas.* It was only sensitive to an oral ciprofloxacin which I had to ordered from a compounded pharmacy. If you'd like more information you can read my thread that Carol linked above.

I know one other keeper that had a problem with a veiled that couldn't open his mouth. She is out your way and you might want to give her a call. Her name is Elisa and she runs the chameleon rescue Cameo. Here's her link below. I'm pretty sure her phone number is there but here it is just incase: 1-818-219-9315

Keep us posted and let us know what the vet says.
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