veiled humidity


Just wondering what most of u keep your veileds humidity levels at. I read 50-90% on care sheets but I'm trying to keep my 3 month old around 75 same as panther's I have is that to much
i realy dont care about my veiled's humidity. not in a careless way, but just the fact that veileds dont realy need high humidity levels to begin with. ive read on here once before that veileds humidity levels can drop down to 20%. i totally believe this, but i believe even more in the fact that it cannot be healthy either. i know my room as at least a constant 50% humidity, and during the winter months, i have a humidifer right next to my multi's cage that also gets the rest of the room. as long as humidity is between 45% to 55%, and 60-70% after mistings, my veiled and i are very happy.

i would up humidity for a veiled only if nessecary (one example being, trouble shedding) JMO
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