Veiled hasnt eaten in 3 days


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My baby veiled hasnt eaten in three days. Ive had him for a month and he has always been eating but now he just stopped. Should I be worried? What do i do?


How old is he and can you fill out the how to ask for help form so we can tell if your husbandry is wrong or if the chameleon is just sick.


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Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon, about 3-4 months old, male, ive had him for a month
Handling -Only when misting
Feeding - I feed him dusted crickets and sometimes wax worms and meal worms
Supplements - multivitamins, calcium, calcium with 3d
Watering - i mist his cage
Fecal Description -black with white on the end
History -I dont know

Cage Info:
Cage Type -Screen, 18 x 18 x 30
Lighting - basking bulb, and UVA/UVB bulb
Temperature -84 is his basking and 77 is ambient
Humidity - 50-65%
Plants - Hibiscus
Placement - In the middle of the cage
Location -Chicago


Whats your schedule for the dusting? He might just be being a hardhead and refusing to eat. Have you tried to feed him anything other then what you already named? My Jackson refused to eat for about a week before.


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How many waxworms did you feed him?

Usually if you give them too much, they'll go on a "food strike" and will ONLY eat waxworms. Samething with mealworms.

If thats the case, just let your guy starve and eventually he'll eat. just offer crickets or try other feeder options such as dubia roaches, horn worms and silk worms.


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I noticed you dust with D3 you should every feeding WITHOUT D3 you should only give D3 twice a month and vitamins twice a month as well.


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mine refuses to eat during a shed, then the next day skin everywhere bam 30 crickets lol
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