Veiled eye infection? DUW


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I have a 2-3 month old male veiled, approx 8" tip to tale. For the past day or so I have notices that he has his left eye closed and is bulging it out with his tung. I think he must have some kind of eye infection, he doesn't seem to have any debris in his eye and I've misted the heck out of him. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow, but I wanted to ask in advance.

-Male Veiled approx 2-3 months

-65-70 gallon screen cage, all fake plants (1 potted using cleaned stones, 5 Hanging vines, 2 sticks wrapped in vines), no substrate, 2 feeding bowls, 1 cricket rock, 1 container to catch water (with screen top).

~ Crickets, Wax Worms, Meal Worms, Meal worm pupae. He gets 2 of each worm a day along with 4-6 crickets. I replace the worms as he eats them, he gets new crickets every day.

~ Flukers gutload for crickets, they get it all the time. They get water cubes for water.

~ Calcium powder, specifically flukers repta-calcium, powder is not less than 36% calcium. I dust every feeding

~ 1 Quart dipper runs 24/7, 2 mistings a day, .5 quart each.

~Basking -110, Hot side - 94-97, Cool Side 72, ambient mid 78-82, Night 66-70

~ Humidity: High - 85% and Low 0%.

~ UVB exposure. Repitsun 5.0 less than 2 months old. 12 hours of Bulb time, plus he gets intermittent direct sunlight through the window in my room.

Here are some pics:

This is his good eye, aka his right eye.



This is his bad eye, the left.
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i have a 5 month old female veiled and her basking temp is 88-91.
she seems healthy,very healthy.
I don’t see anything in your routine that really jumps out at me except for the 0% humidity. Does it actually go down that far and for how long? How are you taking temp/humidity readings (what device).

I don’t see any discharge or anything funky like that but keep in mind that just because the eye is showing problems it doesn’t necessarily mean the cham has an eye problem. One eye closing could be an indication of a problem elsewhere BUT it could very well be an eye problem. If your humidity is really dropping that low and is sustained it could be just a case of dry eye. I keep hearing from this one “long timer” on another forum that many eye problems are caused by humidity being too low.

That guy also looks to be around 5-6 (maybe 4) months old but definitely not 2-3. It’s good that you are getting him to the vet. Search the forum for the showering thread … it may help and he is old enough for that routine. Good luck.

Thanks, I thought he might be older, but the dealer said 3. I'm using 2 Flukers digital Thermometer/Hygrometer combo's. The analoge gauges in the room never dip below 20, but the hot side near the basking spot gets to 0. The one closer to the dripper and water tank stays at around 20-25%
Well, the vet said he didn't look quite right, but she didn't know exactly what was wrong with him either. My husbandry is correct and he had his eye open at the vet, however it's closed again now, of course... She said to cut the vitamin powder to 3-4 times a week since I use a supplement additive in my water (I use it to dechlorinate, but it also adds calcium and vitamins to the water - Reptisafe). His poop though, it didn't look good, so she was going to run some tests on it. I don't have a picture of his last stool, but it was kind of grey/tan colored and looked like spit up more than poop. I didn't seem to have a real shape. Any ideas? I know hes hydrated, his eyes as you can see are not sunken and neither is his veil.

P.S. - I also took him for a 2nd opinion to my local breeder right after the vet. He said Merlin looked very healthy and that he didn't show any of the tell tale signs of Veiled sickness.
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i use reptisafe ,i buy the half gallon . i dont remember it having calcium.

i always thought it had nothing in the way of vitamins/nutrients.i got it to break up the chlorine etc.

i was thinking reptisafe helps reptiles shed.
I am not saying the low humidity/dry eye is the problem but it’s something you should work on. Humidity in the 20’isnt good at all so think about setting up an ultrasonic humidifier in the general area of the cage. I use the Holmes HM-485 humidifier (eBay) and still have it running after over 2 years. It’s easy to clean/maintain too. If the fecal matter isn’t well formed then it’s good the vet is checking it out, even if the cham is captive bred doesn’t mean it cant get or have parasites.

My thoughts exactly. I just dropped a wad on getting a 5 gallon 6 nozzle auto mist system. Should be here next week. I'll post pics of the cage when its installed.
Could a cricket have bitten his eye or something like that? He has it closed again today. Hes gotten 2 showers now and i'm spraying 5 times a day.
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