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How does age and diet affect a Veiled's color? My male is several weeks old and about 6 inches long and shows nice greens and whites, but I was wondering how his coloration will change as he ages? Will it change at all? Are there Veiled morphs? As I've stated, I know a lot about snakes but this is my first chameleon and I am just curious.
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I dont think the diet will make his color vary. His color may become more of a pattern as he ages, along with additional colors that will come along with age. The only vieled morphs i know of are sunburst, turqoise, and the Translucent(if you consider that a morph...which i am not sure if it is).

There's Also A Bluephased Veiled That Doesn't Come Around Very Often These Days. They Are Completely Blue. 6 Months Of Age Is When A Veiled And Most Other Chameleons Reach Sexual Maturity, This Is Also When They Display Their Brighter Colors. Not A Coincidence.
I would say you can expect full color development in 12-15 months. The rest of the time you get to watch them come in, seemingly one by one and then just brighter and brighter. For awhile there it seems like everytime they shed you can see some new colors at least with males. With my females I really did not notice anything until I noticed eggs. He may start out with blue, yellow, orange, whatever but you will not see his true color pattern for awhile.
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