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how old do male veiled chams have to be to get some brighter colors. my baby has some nice colors but how much longer till they are brights. Mike C
thank you
They can start getting them any time really but I would say they are not at complete brightness tell 8-15 months. You should start seeing some good variations in the next couple of months.
i got mine . say... october . so he is about 5 months old . or so . and he's startin to get some nice colours .... not bright . he turns darker more than anything . but has cool designs
While were on this topic... what colors do they show for any kind of warning signs... are there specific colors that mean specific things? I notice that mine changes colors often and sometimes I notice she get's very dark markings on her and I just want to make sure that it doesn't mean anything is wrong with her. Also why are some chameleons bright red or blue and some just stay green, is there anything that effects the colors that they change to?

From what I understand, every chameleon is different and changes different colours for different meanings. It is up to you to figure out what these meanings are...

One way, if you would like to test what a stressed look is... or pissed off look... (only do this once) is to put him in front of a mirror, the reflection of seeing another male chameleon will stress him out and u'll know when he means business

Note : (btw, i have never done this to mine, but was told to try this if i wanted to find out... )
skeleptica....Different species of chameleon have different colors and patterns than other species. Some chameleons (like panthers) have a dramatic range of color changes while other species (like Jackson's) can only make simpler changes in color and pattern.

Chameleons change color for several reasons. Postures will differ too.

They change colors and body shape to control temperature. A chameleon that is cold will flatten its body and angle it towards the sun and darken the colors so that it can warm up quicker. If it gets too warm, it will make its body size slimmer and turn to a lighter color and maybe even gape to cool off.

Chameleons also change colors and patterns and posture as a form of communication. Each species has different patterns, colors and ranges of colors that it can change to. I'll use the veiled as an example...if a male veiled meets another male, it will flatten its body, brighten its colors, hold one hand up close to its body, extend the gular area, curl and uncurl its tail and sway/lunge back and forth to try to scare off the other male. If a male veiled meets a female veiled he will have similar coloration and flattened body but won't hold the hand up. If a female veiled is not receptive or is gravid, and she meets another male, she will turn the background color almost black, gape, hiss, sway/lunge and even bite if the male comes close enough in order to get the message across to him that she is not interested in mating. A receptive female veiled will have bright torquoise blue spots and almost hug the branch and slowly walk away from the male and let him approach and mate with her.

Here's a gravid/non-receptive female veiled...

Normal veiled female coloration...

Male veiled courting the female...

Veiled sunning but the background color isn't as dark as it could be if the chameleon was quite cold...

Veiled, somewhat defensive/aggressive...

Gravid/non-receptive panther chameleon...receptive colors are paler by far...

Panther chameleons from various areas/morphs...

Hope this helps!
First one is Osama at 3.5 months and the second is at 9 months.

osama9m 003.jpg

He was colorful young but as you can tell the boldness and the colors themselves change with age. Neither of them was he to happy about being in. He use to be all green now the only green you see is the dots. I love seeing these guys get big. I would almost call him an adult.
mine looks like ur's at 3.5 months right now... bit better . but same idea..... can't wait till he goes that sweet oarnage colour . or hwatever colour he looks when he gets older...

sorry for spelling . me half bombed .
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