Veiled Chameleon

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Tell me what you think of my new chameleons. They are sister and brother. Will that be a major issue when it comes to breeding them. Please reply. Look in my gallery to see them. THank you
inbreeding can go wrong in a lot of ways infertile eggs ,malformation,incest
would u want to hump your sister?
I am not an expert, but I would think that inbreeding would not be good. It is not good in other species.

i would really be against breeding her with her brother like the posts inbreeding can go horribly wrong please dont breed them if u want to breed them i would get a difrent female/male to go with them and rember not to house them together chameleons are very territorial.
are you serious ?? if you did i hope you like some messed up babies like think about it , its common sence not to breed brother and sister, like team drift said do you like to hump your sister ???
There is another thread that tells us wst0209a has contacted the breeder and these two are not siblings.
Apparently we can all relax. :)

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