Veiled Chameleon... Bite?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NewOwner, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. NewOwner

    NewOwner New Member

    im cleaning out my chameleons cage.. bought him a new plant.. not sure what its called, but its safe.. and non toxic... its being cleaned right now in the shower lol... anyways my chameleon hisses and bites when i go to get him out.. and i need to take him out to put the plant and stuff in... he is a 4 month old male veiled cham.

    Will it hurt if he bites me?
    How should i take him out?:confused:
  2. Sang

    Sang New Member

    @ 4 months, id imagine he would have a decent bite. if you need to were a glove, once you get him outta his enclosure, he should settle down.
  3. tv321406

    tv321406 New Member

    My veiled bites me every chance he gets. It's normal. It doesn't hurt yet, hes only about 5 inches snout to vent. But it hurts more and more as he gets older. You will learn how to manipulate him so he will be more clam. Do a search, there's some videos on here on how to handle them properly. Good luck!
  4. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member

    Ive been bit on the hand AND the chest.. Its like a hard pinch and its quick. I use WHITE gloves, doesnt seem to scare and she actually climb on when i go under her in the front instead of running, swaying, or hissing with bare hands.
  5. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member


    Apparently I ticked Leo Off. I took him out to put him in the shower as his eyes look a little sunk. Well, on the way he decided to climb up to my head, no biggie.. but then he stopped under my neck and clamped down on my chin..hard..its throbbing.. and now when I go near him, he hisses at me.. This is SO not like him. He hasnt opened his mouth once.. Dang this hurts! Any idea what I could have done? Im scared to go near him now.:(
  6. Chase

    Chase Avid Member

    I've never been bit,but my beardies have! It will hurt for a little, just make sure you clean it up good if they break the skin! You don't want to have the possibility of getting sick!
  7. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    maybe cause your head moving too fast that it might threaten him.
    just move slow and don't do sudden jerk. I don't normally like letting my chameleon climb to my head. Their nail is too sharp to my liking.
  8. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member


    Its bright red and still burning. No broken skin though.

    He is also bright orange and his eyes are very sunk.. Is that just stress? He did gasp loudly when I picked him up to put him back in the cage. I did not have the water directly on him, he was on a pothos and it was tepid. I thought someone recommended showering a couple times a week to rehydrate. Im totally freaked out

    Alright, 20 min later, his colors are normal and his eyes are fine.. I tried to give him a hornworm since I seemed to have scared him so badly but he is just sitting there.. :(
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  9. Rstuart

    Rstuart New Member

    you could wear a hoodie or sweater ..... just let him crawl on your arm ....

    my cham hasnt bit me yet .... hope she never does ... that looks like it hurts
  10. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member


    Here ya go..can ya see the cham mouth or what? (big friggen gape!) My daughter asked me at dinner what happened, I didnt even realize it had left a mark..feels like a scratch.
  11. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    better disinfect those to avoid salmonella.
    What you got is a "stay away from me" bite.

    Have you seen a chameleon doing his kill bite?
    my veiled cham did it once to a towel. He hates the towel, since I used it to wrap his body when I need to administer gentamicin drop for his eye back then.
    Now when he see the towel, he'll flared up and goes berserk.

    that's a guarantee bleeding for sure.
    There is 1 thread here that documented the effect on his finger.
    But, it's a bit graphic.. So, I won't post the link :p
  12. rachelk

    rachelk New Member

    you can get salmonella from chameleons? i thought that was just snakes....
  13. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member

    Yea dont think Ill search for that thread.:p Do you think he freaked out because of the shower? He was fighting me all day when trying ot get him out so maybe my persitence ticke dhim. I just have yet to see him drink (occasionally licks a dry vine)..and his eyes looked sunken a little so I was trying to help..Guess Now.. and when I got him out I could tell he was mad tme.. his colors were very dark yet he wouldnt leave my hand to climb on his vine? Now he's just sitting in a corner staring at me..kinda freaky..yea, I alcohol swabbed my chin/neck.. There for all those people who wondered if it would hurt. Heck yea! and you can see for yourself! :eek:
  14. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member

    any reptile or amphibian. Turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs... (hence why turtles smaller than a quarter are illegal)
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  15. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member

    Do you think he is going to do this to me again? I mean, you said he hates the towel and did that..what if he hates me now:(
  16. rachelk

    rachelk New Member

    so does everyone wash their hands after handling their cham?
  17. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    chameleon does not hate, i think.
    Chances are there is something that causes her to bite that you did not realize.
    Just don't be scared. Sooner or later you cannot avoid handling her.
    get a thick glove and you should be fine.
  18. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    o my gosh, yes! before and after handling cham. or better yet, wear disposable gloves.
    That is a good practice to do.;)
  19. rachelk

    rachelk New Member

    i use to have 2 turtles that were smaller than a quarter, i got them from florida on a vacation, weird...i did not know that. I just thought you could only get salmonella from snakes...

    sorry to start up a different conversation..

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