Veiled Chameleon babies age?


I bought 15 veiled babies online that are supposed to be 11 weeks now, just about to hit the 3 month mark.

Problem is, only 13 of them showed up, they are pretty tiny and some of them look no older than a week old. I am no expert on veileds but they look pretty tiny and I would like an expert opinion to confirm before I file a claim with paypal.

Also if they are indeed only several weeks old I would think most chameleon breeders would have the common sense not to ship at that age. Despite this most of them appear to be healthy and only one seems questionable, as I have seen it with its eyes closed during the daytime.

One of the larger ones and one of the smaller ones are pictured, but some of them are even smaller, I didn't take photos of the smallest ones as I didn't want to handle them too much.


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I would say that they range from three to four weeks old. This could vary depending on how much (or little) they have eaten. The larger one is about the size of my veiled when I got him and he was four weeks old.


Some of them are even smaller than the smaller of the two shown in the photos.

I think i'm going to file a claim with paypal now since they are supposed to be nearly 3 months...
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