veiled chameleon 6 months old not eating much


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hi i have a male 6-7 month old chameleon wieght approx 45gms and is 5.5 inch is that normal? i dont seem him eat hell of alot not like my female (seperate enclosures) heat everything is correct and is seeming to hide alot is this normal? i feed him locusts crickets occasional the odd mealworm and waxworm and some flies once a fortnight i seen him eat alot of flies but nothing else here is a pic of him (dont like handling him as it stresses him out but couldnt get good picture in cage)


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some times they just go on hunger strikes- try horned worms. They are bright and seem to catch every reptiles eye.
you can purchase them from many of the wonderful site sponsors on this forum.
His looks dehydrated as well, make sure in your enclosure you have enough plant leaves for water to sit on so he can drink, also keep your humidity levels at 50% minimum.
Has he ever been tested for parasites? Do you see a vet regularly ? If not tell us which county/ state you live in. There is a list of great herp vets that many have complied over the years and it could be helpful
yeah i been giving him showers twice a week and yeah he has no parasites got it checked not to long ago he eating 2-3 locusts a day so still eating i mist 5-6 times a day waiting for mistking to arrive and there are loads of plants in there
i know i need to raise the humidity putting sides on tomoro and that will help raise the heat aswell heat is pretty good atm though and i have night time heat aswell
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