Veiled cage advice - vines, dowels, etc


So, I've recently moved my young veiled (4-5 months old) into a larger enclosure.
It's an 18 x 18 x 36 mesh cage. I've put an ficus and a bougainvillea. The ficus grazes the roof, the bougainvillea is a couple inches shorter.

I purchased some of those bamboo dowels that are used for manipulating vines, but I'm curious about ideas on how to secure them. Right now they're just sort of angled around the cage leaning.

Also, she's pretty good about free ranging but since she's still small(ish) I'm wondering how I can secure a food bowl as well.

Lastly, I was misting her and she fell! I must have been too hasty with the misting, and she probably just didn't really know where she was going. However, I'm curious if I should be place something to cushion her on the floor of the cage?
Prior to this I've been using doggy pee pads instead of substrate. I like them because they're absorbent and I can just replace it every third day/when it gets dirty.

Thanks anybody!
Bird seed cups work well for feeding bowls, they have little hooks so that makes it easy to hook onto branched :)

If you're worried about her falling (in her cage?) you can fold a towel or paper towels or something like that, and that will give some cushion. When I first got my chameleon, I asked if I should worry about falling, and they said that to just watch them and make sure they're ok, and not be too worried. If she continues to fall I might be worried.
Hey that's a great idea! Thanks guys :)
This is the first time she's fallen so I don't think she's having a balance issue - I think I just scared her, poor thing.
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