Veiled ate a plastic leaf

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by apple_or_a_gun, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Brodybreaux25

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    Gutloading with prunes works too!
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    I see poo poo on the horizon :wideyed:
  3. apple_or_a_gun

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    Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. apple_or_a_gun

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    Just an updat: She actually passed a normal BM around 3:30pm. Nothing foreign found when I picked through it, though. I guess I don’t know if this was waste that had already passed through her stomach and intestines prior to the plastic ingestion, or of this is a a pretty positive sign? Thoughts?

    I also rearranged the enclosure with only live plants this evening. Didn’t find as many “safe plants” as I had hoped to find at Home Depot and Walmart, but definitely found enough for her to get her drinking needs met. Within five minutes of me putting her back in, she was munching on her new pothos leaves. (Not a great picture but I circled the newly eaten parts.)

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  5. Brodybreaux25

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    I would think that whatever was in her 330 BM was probably already in her digestive track before she ate the leaf but I can’t prove that, just my feeling. I’d be focusing on the next one.
  6. cyberlocc

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    I would be careful with that pothos. They are toxic is large amounts, and if your cham gets weak from the fake, last thing it needs is toxic from Pothos.
  7. CamrynTheCham22

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    But how would you get a chameleon to stop eating a pothos? I feed my female plenty of roaches every two or three days (twice a week) and she still tears up the pothos. There really isn't a solid method to force a veiled to stop eating leaves, it's in their biology to eat insects and plants. Even if pothos are toxic, it is in very small amounts.
    Do you have any suggestions on better plants in that case?

    Didn't mean to derail this post :oops:
  8. cyberlocc

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    I mean there is tons of plants. Hit up a safe plant list. A good one, Like madchams. That actually tells you if a plant is mildy toxic and its effects. If your Veilieds is a serious plant muncher, only get chameleon edible plants.

    As for Pothos, if they eat a little every once in awhile it shouldn't be that much of an issue.

    If they are constantly eating alot of it, that is an issue.

    Pothos extremely is high in Oxaltes, which binds to calcium and makes it undigestable. So while you are dusting with calcium, the Pothos is counteracting that.

    It is a common Chameleon plant, that's because Chameleons out side of Veilieds don't really eat plants all that much. Also lots of people's Veilieds don't eat their Pothos. If your Veilieds is eating it, alot, it needs to go.

    So replacements, I assuming you want a viney plant? Baby's tears? A mass cane has similar leave structure (very big covering leaves) buts it's a Tree. What other plants do you have?
  9. Brodybreaux25

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    Is madcham a member or site?
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    Oops lol, sorry it's a website., here

    If your veiled is a serious plant muncher, go non poisionous.
  11. Brodybreaux25

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    My 6yr old son eats more plant matter than her! Really just curious to see the symptoms of each poisoning.
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    Ya but your 6yr old is bigger than her lol.

    The symptoms of eating too much Pothos is basic lack of calcium symptoms. Trouble is, Chameleons hide illness very well for a long time. You won't notice, till it is very serious.

    And he could munch down on Pothos all the time and be fine. It's really up to you, if it's a risk worth taking.

    You could also, try hanging greeens from the cage walls, like collard greens or mustard greens, and see if he will eat those instead, would be more healthy for him as well.
  13. Brodybreaux25

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    You totally missed that one, I’m saying my 6yo son hates eating vegetables and so does she! Neither eat them willingly!
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    Oh my bad. Yes my 6yr old is the same way.
  15. JacksJill

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    Did it pass yet??
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  16. apple_or_a_gun

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    I haven’t found anything yet, but she has had consistent and healthy BMs every single day since the incident. I had stopped feeding crickets as of Thursday night and switched to wax worms (the plastic leaf discovery was Friday morning), and today was the first day I didn’t find any cricket remnants in her poop. I think she’s passing post-plastic ingestion waste now. No changes in behavior or eating/drinking. I am also giving her 0.05ml of lactulose every day (per one of the vets from the rescue’s suggestion.)
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    Update: It’s been a week and three days, and she is still operating normally on all fronts. My herp vet told me it was safe to switch back to chitinous bugs at this point, so yesterday was her first day eating crickets again.

    Thanks to everyone for their input and advice!
  18. cyberlocc

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    That's good to hear :).

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