Veiled aggressiveness increase thru age?


Does the more old a veiled chameleon is, the more aggressive it gets? 😅
Mine is 6 - 7 months old as I inspected. Throughout this few months I rarely bring him out or touch him.
I don't really try to bond with it by hand feed or whatsoever, I'm just doing the daily/weekly routine of
Cleaning it's cages and refilling his feeder cup.

Ever since he had been shedded it became more aggressive & defensive as before. It will hide the first sign,
It saw me, it will puff when my hand near to it while I was cleaning up and sometimes it will hiss & try to bite.

I know that a veiled is more aggressive. But do them if age more than a year it will get less aggressive?
I saw my friend chameleon about a year plus old, although it does hiss when he getting near to it but still allow,
My friend to hold him without escape or bite. Do note that my friend also doesn't really do the whole bonding thing.
Hi. In a way yes, they can become more aggressive as they get older. At your guy’s age, he is like a moody teenager. Also, as times passes that you don’t work on building trust with him, he’ll become/remain more aggressive. This is a great blog on how to build trust.
Even though he may remain hissy and not terribly friendly (it’s the veiled way), he will hopefully be calmer and trusting of you. All of my veileds hiss and sometimes even lunge at me if I approach too quickly, but they appear to know that I’m safe and won’t hurt them. This helps a lot when I need to handle them to give medications, weigh them or what not.
My 1 year old male veiled really only aggressive when horn worm involed. Does puff up now and then but has never lunged at me unless treat in sight


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I think it is extremely important to build that trust with them when they are younger. Because when they get older being territorial of their cage kicks in. Their adult hormones kick in. For example I always know when Beman is wanting a girl friend. It is always in the spring months and he is much more active in his cage. But his response to me is much more aggressive as in puffing and hissing and trying to show me he is the boss. Now I worked with him nonstop as a baby on trust so I think that majorly plays into the fact that he has never bitten me. This becomes important though because if I need to remove him from the cage to deep clean or go to a vet etc I know I can do it and I know how to read his body language to do it safely. I hand fed to build trust so he knows if he sees a feeder in my hand to come out to get it.
@Beman lol, that's getting me worried. Hope I ain't too late to start with him.
Sorry not wanting to worry you. Just my experience. I also have only had younger chams to start with. I have not done this method with older chams so there is that lol. I did have one cham that no matter what I did he just wanted nothing to do with me. He recognized the food cup and would hand feed but trying to get him out of the cage I did wear gloves because he would bite.
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