Hey guys,

I’m getting conflicting advice, and can find stuff on the internet to support both POV

I am in the UK, I have a glass viv with a mesh top. The UV light sits on top of the mesh.

My question is.... 6% or 12%

at this point I have both bulbs I just want to know which one.

Btw, 4 month old, female veiled cham


Hi, yes, this is it. Please excuse the brown paper on the side.


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I’m in the uk to, so know exactly why you are getting confused. The main thing where I think you are being told 12% is that they don’t tell you what distances the branches have to be in order to get the correct uv index.

I go with a 6% on the outside of mesh with the recommended branch distance. Just by looking at the photo, if you use a 12% the Cham won’t have enough space to get to lower uvi.


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I'm UK also I'm using 6% with single reflector (shiny type) suspended 2 inch off the top of my reptibreeze xl I've got uvi 3 at basking spot 8 inches down in enclosure.
UVI levels.jpg

Depends a lot on your basking branch and amount of coverage available and the mesh some mesh blocks more light than others. now my plants are growing in thick I'm probably going to up to 12% increase the Safety distance

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My question is.... 6% or 12%
Going by the pic of your enclosure—6%

As noted by others, it depends on the distance between the bulb and where your cham basks (though that can sometimes be confounding... :rolleyes: See https://www.chameleonforums.com/threads/uvb-in-basking-spot.180227/#post-1630615 ). Your branches go quite high; I'm not saying to change anything—I'd still leave that up to your cham—but with branches available to her that close, I don't see any need or reason for 12%, screen notwithstanding.

If you can, or if you have—or expand into—more reptiles, I strongly recommend picking up a Solarmeter 6.5x or equivalent. They are really the best way to determine UV levels at any point in your enclosure, and remove any guesswork.
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