UVB Lighting


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I was wondering what UVB light to get. Most people seem to like the Reptisun. At the pet store they had a couple different Reptisuns, which one is a good one? i think they had a 2.0 a 5.0 an 8.0 and a 10.0
Zoomed Reptisun comes in three flavors.. the 2.0, 5.0 and 10.0. Most chameleon keepers agree that the best one for chameleons is the 5.0. Don't forget to change it out every 6 months or so! They quit putting out UVB after a while.

A 5.0 is adiquite for a veiled. I use a an 8.0 for my veileds. I made the decision to go bigger on the basis that they are avid baskers and would be exposed to more uvb then some of the other species of chameleons. As Heika mentioned they will decay internally overtime. I agree with her six month bulb replacement recommendation.
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