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Do chameleons know when they need to move to get more ir less uvb? I have heat lamp in front if cage on top and uvb strip on back. Do they know where to go for uvb source?


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Yes its on top but my chameleon basks in front under heat lamp so does he get uvb from the light even if he isnt right under it?


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Yes its on top but my chameleon basks in front under heat lamp so does he get uvb from the light even if he isnt right under it?

The uvb light should be close to the basking light to that he can get uvb while basking.

As @Beman said is this a different Cham? If so can you please fill out the how to ask for help form entirely so we can make suggestions of thing that may need changing.

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so the way this usually works is chams are used to being under the sun... so when a cham is under the sun he gets both uvb and heat. so the uvb should be close to the heat so when he feels the heat he knows there is also uvb. if that made any sense to you I hope it helps. also sun comes from the top that's why our lights r on top of the cage.
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