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Hello, I am still new to chameleons. I have had my reptisun 5.0 light on the top of the mesh of my cage. The baby veiled will walk under it back and forth. I was thinking that the mesh was blocking out too much uvb. Today I went and got the stuff to mount a 18" uvb inside the cage so I know none of the uvb will be blocked. The first thing the veiled did when I put it inside the cage was hide in the light fixture between the fixture and the uvb bulb itself. I tried to help it out and down from the light thinking it was hurting itself but it hissed at me. It let itself down and is not inside of the light. What is the best way to set the uvb inside or outside the cage. Just to get it out of the way my cage size is 30x18x30 mesh cage. and the light fixtures I have bulbs for are 18" for the one inside the cage or the 24" outside the cage


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Never place lights inside the cage. For the reason you already saw.

Lights can be placed on top of the cage and be just fine.

All of my uvb lights are placed directly on top of the mesh cages.

it does block some uvb light, but not most of it.

and them crawling upside on the ceiling is totally normal


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If you are concerned about lack of uv you could use a 10.0 bulb.

It will not damage the chameleon eyes and will not be too strong. Just make sure there is enough foliage for the chameleon to move out of the uv if it wishes too
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