UVB Bulb died help!!!


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I just adopted a baby Chameleon today and I turned on the UVB light. It worked for a half an hour and than died. What should I do? Everything is closed around me and I don't have an extra bulb (I'll be buying extras now in case) should I keep the day light bulb on for heating purposes or just turn it off?
The chameleon should be fine even up to a week if you cannot get the UVB bulb.

Don't sweat it.

Return the bulb to the store you got it from and complain, you should get another one free or at least a discount.

Don't panic, again it's not a big deal :)

Just buy/get another one as soon as you can.
Thank you so much! I'll be getting a new one tomorrow. Thanks! =]

Just here to help :)

I panicked a lot when I first got my cham, here's a word of advice:

MOST (but not all) things you will worry about are harmless.

Things like:
-No UVB for a couple of days
-No heat lamp for a couple of days
-Not drinking for a couple of days (eventually resumes drinking)
-Not eating for a day or two (eventually resumes eating, sometimes they get bored with only crickets)
-Turning darker when basking (absorbs more heat)
-Sneezing (gets rid of excess sodium)
-Rubbing its face against branches (to get rid of upcoming/ongoing shed)
-Leaf walk (mimics leaves in the wind)
-Walking on the cage screen/top of cage (usually they do this when they're exploring a new environment)
-Going to sleep an hour or so early (although if your chameleon is sleeping very early in the day, it might be of some concern)
-Slightly yellow urates (just water the chameleon a little more and make sure it drinks)

etc etc etc.

Just post a thread, and then one of us will come by and help you out :) That's what the forums about.
Turn the heat bulb off. No heat or light at night. Did you try twisting the uvb bulb in the housing? If it is a linear bulb it just may be loose and not bad. Also, uvb bulbs do not give off heat. If you cannot get a bulb right away, take your chameleon outside for some sun.
I am guessing you have an an Exo terra compact bulb in one of their hoods. They are rubbish! Put the bulb in something else and they last ok but in their own hoods they just seem to blow! I would personally only use tube uv bulbs with a starter system. They blow much less.
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