UV & Tank questions. Please help!


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Hi - I have a 1.2 group of wc pygmy chams coming in this week. I have LOTS of experience with 'expert level' geckos and some with veiled chams but none with pygmy chams.

I was wondering if UVB is required for them. I have read on a few care sheets that people suggest 2.0 or 5.0 UVB. I know from experience with uva/b meters that the 2.0 does not really put out any useable UVB. Also I have been searching the forums here for peoples set ups and have seen a lot of lights on top of glass. SO is it required to keep and breed them successfully?

The reason for my question is I have 3 tanks. I have all the things needed for any kind of tank I decide to go with. Just need to know what one. :)

Tank 1 - can not be planted but has a screen top and front bottom half so UVB is useable on this tank. I would prefer not to keep them in a planted tank if its ok. As they are WC I would prefer to monitor them and know if they lay simpler in a lay box. But if this is not suggested for the well being of them chams I will go with a planted tank.

Tank 2 - is a normal 20 gallon tank converted to vertical with screen door but can be planted. It has a glass top so can not be used with UVB.

Tank 3- I also have a few that can be planted and have a screen top and door BUT they are currently occupied with non UVB requiring geckos. I can move them if needed and its for the best.

Please some input 'soon' would help a ton. They will be coming in on Wed and I would like to have the tank set up and tested out today and tomorrow if possible.

Thanks in advance! :)
I should also add that these came in as 'temporal pygmys'. I am no expert but I'm 98% sure they are Rhampholeon temporalis. The picture of 2 of them that I have is below. They are what the seller thinks are females. By my research I think he is correct and he thinks that one is also gravid. Anyone willing to take a guess for me on the sex. I know it has to do with the tail so if they are each male or each female IDK. I just know they are most like the same sex in this photo. I will have a back up large KK cage set up should I end up with 2 males.

OK I remembered I have an old exo in my garage that has a GS background and lots of sticks. Using that. Going to add some some more plants but here is what I'm at now.

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