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Anyone have any experience shipping chameleons via USPS? I get mantids via USPS and haven't had a problem, but I'm a bit leery getting a chameleon that way.
I have gotten feeders USPS but all other live shipments come FedEx.

Oops, forgot, or by special delivery - thanks Ryan!
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Hello, as usual I am different, I don't do the knee- jerk no answer to every thing. I have shipped live reptiles with usps and only had one problem with probably 50+ shipments. The problem was a gecko arrived 2 days late, but healthy & happy. That is as good a record as I have has with ups. No problems with fed ex but I don't use them often.
i ordered 1000 crickets and some horn worms for the first time through mulberry farms. I was keeping up with the tracking information and everything, the day i was expecting it my GF was home all day and he mom who is the manager to the apt complex was also in the office all day. I went to the mailbox at 4 and there was normal junkmail with a note that said that they package couldn't be delivered and that they would redeliver tomorrow.

Needless to say i called up the local post office furious and demanded an explanation, they said the mail man knocked on the door, but it was a flat out lie. All in all i had to get in 4 oclock dallas traffic and rush up to the post office to wait in line for 30 minutes to get my crickets. I was pissed. the crickets and hornworms were all alive still, but the hassle was just unnecessary.

If you plan on having a cham shipped i would definitely stay away from USPS
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