URGENT! help. please.


so my veiled of 2.5 years is laying on the bottom of his enclosure with his eyes closed, but very brightly colored...everytime i touch him he hisses, but his eyes are closed and he just lays there. i discovered him in the bottom of one of his plants last night sleeping and moved him up top where he remained, but he must have either fallen or climbed down and just did it again...anyone know whats wrong? he has a 2x2x4 cage, a mistking, and there has been no problems for over 2 years. my dad thinks he got too cool, but he doesnt know to much about chams...he has a 60 watt house bulb raising temps to 88-93 in his basking and room temps about 70.
when he's just warm his eyes wont be shut and his mouth would be open i think you have to rush to the vet. and i think that something serious is wrong ,good luck (hope fpr the best)
The bright colors could just mean he's stressed, that doesn't always mean their happy.
I'd try getting him back up on his branches and misting him lightly, not to drown him, and see if he'll start cleaning his eyes out. Are there any other symptoms?

Can you fill out the how to ask for help forum?

Do you not have a car or some one you kn ow that has a car that can take you and him to a vet?
yes i have a toyota yaris man. i just moved him up a tiny bit, placed a lamp over him, and hes moving out of it...but with eyes closed, and when i mist he hates it...just watched him poop super runny mix and curl up into defense mode. still no open eyes.
I'd take your toyota get it warm stick him in a box with paper towels and a branch and take him to a vet.

Bring some poop with you and get a fecal done. Runny poop can mean parasites.

Might not be anything wrong with the eyes then if he's not trying to clean them out, he could just be sick.

Maybe you should fill out the ask for help forum, see if any one can find something in his husbandry that might be off.
You need to get it to the vets ASAP IMHO...if you pack it into a small box or pet pal you can wrap the container in a beach towel along with a hot water bottle or a bottle of water. Do not put the hot water bottle/bottle of water under the container because you might burn his feet.

In the meantime, can you post some pictures of your chameleon on here?
If you know you need "URGENT!" help, you need to get it to the vet.

There are several ways to get him to the vet such as a styrofoam box or other insulated containers.
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