URGENT!! 5 month veiled


My 5month old veiled chameleon fell a little more than a foot this morning about 630 am. It woke me up so i went to check on him after i heard him fall and he was on the bottom in the corner.I went to pick him up and he acted like he didnt know where he was his eyes were open but both stayed fixed forward and didnt rotate to look around, he ran on the bottom walking with his arms like a sea turtle with his belly on the ground and scooting himself with his legs?!?! He started pacing his tank and when he was climbing he walked normal and was standing up normal on the branches and when he made it to the top then fell again and again the only way i stopped him was to put him in a small tank with plants on the bottom so he couldnt keep falling and hurt himself .
The reason it is so scary is because he woke up and freaked out, his lights werent even on yet and my chameleons wake up around 9am and this happened at 630am.
Your Chameleon - 5 month old male veiled chameleon ,iv had him since feb 9th 2013
Handling - When he wants to come out he crawls on my hand byhimself almost everyday
Feeding -dubia, crickets most of the time10-12 and treats(meal,wax worms)Gutloaded with a recipe I found on here
Supplements -repcal cal d3 twice a month,repcal multivit twice a month and plain cal everyday
Watering - Dripper and I mist 2-3 times a day,
Fecal Description - Normal

Cage Info:
Cage Type -wood,all screen, it's like 2"tall and 1.5ft deep 2ft wide
Lighting - Reptisun 5.0 10-11 hrs
Temperature - 85-90 basking spot 70-75 the rest of the cage
Humidity - 50-60% dries out between and I keep 1/4 of the tank dry all the time so he can pick
Plants - draceana
Aside from his basking spot being a bit too hot, i dont see anything really wrong.

Can you post photos of him and his set up please?
I would probably get a taller cage, but everything else seems correct. He'll probably learn and correct himself. Sometimes my veiled falls and looks stunned when hes at the bottom but he usually learns not to climb on the part he fell.
Chameleons should not fall repeatedely.

If either of your [op and tanner] chams are falling alot, there is something wrong.
Maybe you should take him to a vet if he keeps falling like that.

Really though, if he's getting calcium and supplements he shouldn't be falling.

Maybe you could get some sort of mesh material and make a "net" sort of thing underneath his branches so that when he falls the next time he won't get hurt.

Please post a picture of him
So he calmed down in his little tank so i put him back in his normal cage. he is acting completely normal now. He is basking and walking perfectly fine, not falling... I kinda think he was really stuned but i still dont know why he fell while sleeping?

as for pictures i did take them but i cant post tham till this afternoon, but till i post them ill describe what he looks like, his casque is perfect, his eyes are not sunkin in or anything,and his arms are nice and straight
He is acting normal now, its weird,i never saw him act like that he is super calm like normal
He was really scared. If he fell and it was dark, he couldn't see to get back up, they can't see in the dark, so he probably panicked. Just keep an eye on him, he should be ok if he's acting normal now. Best of luck :)
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