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So I have a couple question for the free range People out there!

How do you do it? tricks? Ideas?

-i have a 3ish old panther chameleon named Neil. He is free ranged somewhat confined to his own room by doors.

-He gets plenty of water from a dripper that goes all day every day. With a plant/chameleon shower with mist bottle daily.

-Eats roughly 15-20 crickets every 2-3 days. Dusted with vitamins/calcium, crickets are fed a variation of veggies and greens.

-he sleeps in the same spot every night!

-He has 2 basking spot that ranges up and down the hot spot being about 103 on one and 98 on second spot

-he has about 5 places providing uv light.

-he has a lot of place to crawl (would love ideas here for room to make chameleon more comfortable) picture attached.

-lately my chameleon has been walking on the ground to get into living room even when dog is near, (chameleon hate dog very aggressive towards dog) *the dog is curious but friendly so far.

-today I found him out of his room and down hall and on top of oscillating fan (he likes the fan I had to move out of room cause he always crawls on it.) *picture attached while. He did all that while I was in the shower.

-Can I train dog and chameleon to not hate each other?

-Thought about getting that screen that goes in between doorways. With like the magnets that clip in middle.

-The big question. How? Or would it even work? If I put a female in room? Would they fight? How big of space do I need to free range a male and female chameleon together?

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