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Well, all is going well in the cham world..
Sweeney is dong well and Isis is starting to eat veggies.

I want to apologize for my lack of presence here, its killing me not having the time or energy to come on here and i miss you all! haha

Working a worthless job with miserable people now.. but hey, it feeds the chams.

Yes that will one day be a new saying like "it pays the bills" Muwhaha " it feeds the chams"

Anywho, just wanted to say that the chameleons are doing very well and we are hoping to breed in august!

So Hi everyone, and I'll be back on soon hopefully!!


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well welcome back in that case , i fell you on the working to feed the cham lol but nice to see some people coming back always nice to have more knowledge in the mix


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We had wondered if you had tossed us aside like an old shoe.:eek: Welcome home, for whatever time to you have.
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