Update on Zelda ;-)


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Zelda almost died in my hands 6 weeks ago but you would NEVER guess that from how she looks, acts and EATS now!!! She's grown an incredible amount in the past couple weeks and went through a full body shed about a week ago. Here are some new pics!

This last one is the day I got her (about 2months old) and today (about 7 months old)

Here is one from when she was really sick. She's come so far!!!
Thank goodness that is OVER!

Zelda LOVES to come outside with my daughters and I. We have a perfect bush that she loves to just sunbathe on. She's my little trooper and she's getting big so fast!!!


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good too see she made it. my female panther died in my hands a little over a month ago now. im still not nearly over it and it brings tears to my eyes just typing this. it was a very traumatic experience for me. to know your cham is getting better must be a great feeling. i wish my girl would have gotten better. it just isnt the same without her.


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I am so sorry to hear about your girl. It's so hard when they wrap their tails around our hearts...I completely understand. I had a male veiled that lived to be 6 years old and after he passed I couldn't bear to turn the lights off on his cage for a long time. It will (slowly) get better. :(


Wow she is looking so good. You must be so very proud of yourself. You did a great job nursing her back to health and I am so glad she is growing well and looking nice and healthy.
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