Update on Popey


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Some weeks ago i had a thread about my boy. He started to behave differently. He sat in the same corner away from his basking light all day. He lost his vibrent reds , was off his food and was constipated. Went to vet ( not reptile vet ) and we decided to give subcut antibiotics and treat for parasites. No faecal done as he wasnt pooping. Over the last 3-4 weeks the colour started to come back and he started to move about more. Using basking light. I received help from vet on here and he had bloods taken off on Wednesday. Results came back negative. I think we caught the start of an infection and prevented it from getting bad. I didnt think Popeye was eating all that well but found that he must be as this week i weighed him before and after a humungous poop 10 g! and again yesterday, he had put on 2g! I want to thank all on here for help given and good wishes. You are truely a great bunch. I also want to let all cham owners know to look out for abnormal behavour so you can catch the start of an illness. Popeye is doing great and im a very happy and relieved mum.:)
That is great news. I hope he is back to his beautiful self soon. But he will cause you are such a good Cham mom.
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