Update on my veiled cham


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Thank yall for helpful advice and tips .. Our mando is doing sooo good ! She just went through her first shed and she is growing nicely. She has a great appitite :)
We have had to re arrange her plants a bit but i think they are finally perfect. She seams very happy and stays a pretty green color. Surprisingly she is very friendly and likes to get out of the habitat about 5 times a week .
She does get upset if i dont have both light/heat bubls on even though she doesnt get under the heat 😂

Night time seams to be a cooler than she wants temp says 68 at night. What would yall recomend ? Would a low watt non light emmiting bulb for heat work ?


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Hi there. You do not want any light/heat at night. The only time heat is added at night is when temps are in the forties. And they actually need the temp drop at night. 68 is not even cool enough. Your looking 60-65 at night at least.

Not sure how old she is but make sure your following the correct feeding advice and basking temps for a female this directly impacts how many eggs they will lay. If you have not gotten a husbandry review done then I would recommend one.

Trying to come out can also be an indicator that they are not happy with their environment.
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